Monday, December 10, 2012

The Smith

I dreamed of a wondrous Blacksmith...

               As I entered his shop, I first noticed a massive Anvil standing proud in the middle of the room. Bright and shining as if new this very morning.

There was his forge. A hearth unmatched. Warming me from a distance, but powerful enough to purify iron and harden steel.

A terrible, mighty Hammer was poised above the Anvil, waiting it's moment to strike.

And there's the Smith...
Wisdom shining from his eyes. Strength flowing from his arm.

               This was no ordinary Smith, for at that moment an Iron flew from the fire, white hot and malleable to his will. It came to rest on the Anvil and it was as if the Anvil and the Iron were in an embrace.  Seemingly unbidden and unguided by the Smith, the Hammer flew as of its own accord. Raining relentless blows upon the Iron. The Iron, guided by the hand of the Smith and backed by the Anvil, was transformed into intricate shapes inspiring to see. All of the Hammer's blows, direct and forceful or glancing  and weak, were used by the Smith to shape the Iron into something glorious. After a time the Iron sought sanctuary in the fiery Forge. Unworried of being burnt beyond use. Reveling in the power of the flame.

               Next from the white hot center of the Forge came a dead cold Iron untouched by the heat of the flame. It avoided the Anvil at all costs. And unsupported by the Anvil it was pummeled by the Hammer into grotesque shapes, breaking in places. Truly misshapen, it fell to floor crying to the Smith; "Why?! Why me? Why this? Why now? Why?!"

As I considered how one could be so inconsistent in his work, the Smith looked at me and smiled. My vision was transformed and I truly began to see what was before me...

 The Smith was the Saviour and the Irons were God's greatest creations... us.

The glowing Forge was the Holy Spirit with the power to harden us against trials, temper us against our faults and soften us to the will of the Lord.

The Anvil was the Word of GOD backing us against the assaults of the World, providing a platform on which to stand and guiding us in the will of the Lord.

 The Hammer was the World (and those that have dominion over it) striking tremendous blows and seeking to break us or at the very least bend us to its desires.

The Irons that were heated  by the Forge and were supported by the Anvil against the blows of the Hammer are believers who have accepted the power of the Spirit and embraced the Word of God. Those that came cold from the Forge and avoided the Anvil are the unbelievers and false believers that are not filled with the Spirit and scoff at the Word.

               The Smith asks the Iron to soak in the power of the Forge and stand on the Anvil, as the Hammer will strike whether we do or we don't. Through him, we can be truly transformed into something marvelous.

Perhaps most astounding is the fact that no Iron is too misshapen, too bent or broken by the Hammer to be used the Smith. Accepting the Smith,  basking in the Forge and standing on the Anvil will shape any old hunk into something beautiful.

God's will be done.
For His is the Kingdom and the Power and the Glory Forever!