Years ago, on a particularly cold morning in Canterbury, NH, I wandered into the kitchen wearing fleece PJ bottoms, a flannel shirt and my robe.  My wife looked up at me with a grin and said; "Not many people can pull off that look."  It was then that I realized pants, shirt and robe were all plaid, and all different.

That's kind of me in a nutshell.

I worked at a number of Living History Museums representing craft skills ranging from Blacksmithing to those of an 18th century Infantry Soldier, 16th century Sailor to Pre-European contact Native American skills like hide tanning and flintknapping.  I fished for lobster in the Gulf of Maine, was caretaker for the rigging on the oldest, wooden whaling ship afloat in the world. I've built houses, barns and churches. I was a tree surgeon and I've sold Real Estate and cars. Now I work in a high-tech sector of the Construction industry.

In short, this Blog is a place for all the stuff that lives in my head. I have always had eclectic interests and a photographic memory. And while that makes for a great Trivial Pursuit partner, it makes it nearly impossible to pigeonhole my thoughts and experiences.

Like wearing three kinds of plaid at the same time. It might not be pretty...and not everyone will get it... but it's me. I promise, it'll be fun.

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